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Vision Centre Optometrists


Current Specials

$99 for 2 Pairs of Glasses (Value up to $350)

What’s Included:


  • Two pairs of glasses with single vision stock lenses for distance or computer or near vision
  • Upgrades such as colour changing lenses or blue filter antiglare lenses are available for additional cost
  • Choose to visit either the Botany or LynnMall locations (select upon booking)
  • Single vision lenses included are from a stock range +3.00 to -3.00 up to a -2.00 cyl

Terms & Conditions:


Valid for purchases of frames & lenses from June 1st – 30th.

Price includes standard single vision lenses with a scratch resistant coating.  Multifocals/Progressives, Bifocals and other options are available at an extra cost.  Both pairs must be for the same person and be the same prescription (both distance or both near).  Additional features such as anti-glare coating or transitions are available at an extra cost.  Prescriptions higher than +/- 3 or greater than -2 astigmatism will require a different lens type at additional cost.